Catch of the Day

Likely to be a regular feature while I’m in acute mental health services.

Today it went something like this.

Back in the day, when I first developed my spinal problems, I was prescribed large numbers of prescription strength co-codamol. They were handed out in boxes of 100, on repeat prescription, for years, as I detailed in this earlier blog .

Given that the much weaker over-the-counter version of th drug carries a warning that more than three days use may cause addiction, unsurprisingly I became addicted.

Since then I have tried to keep off the strong stuff but still take the over the counter strength daily for the pain.

Because of a history of overdosing, for a long time my GP would only prescribe weekly, so I wouldn’t have a dangerous amount of medication sitting around. It was a hassle but I could see their logic, even thought the combined strength of the seven medications I was on would probably have killed me, even with a week’s supply.

I take eight co-codamol per day, which, maths fans, adds up to 56 tablets.

Eventually my mental health was stable enough that I was returned to monthly scripts, and I received four weeks of everything. Except my co-codamol, which was still given as a box of 56. When I queried this with the GP she said that due to my history they would not prescribe more than one week’s worth for the entire month. I asked for post dated prescriptions and this was refused. This meant that despite paying for my medication on a pre-payment certificate, I had to go to a pharmacy every three days to buy more co-codamol over the counter (and hear the pharmacists warning that ‘more than three days use causes addiction’. You don’t say).

Now I’m in the crisis house, and they will only administer medication that has been prescribed (you’re not allowed to hold your own. In fact I had to smuggle some multivits inside my vagina but that’s another story).

So the GP will not prescribe the correct amount (the fact that I need this drug to treat chronic pain is not in dispute) and the crisis house will not administer over-the-counter co-codamol ‘for more than three days as it says on the packet that they cause addiction’.

So far I have explained this situation to:

The manager who assessed me for the crisis house

The pharmacist at the crisis house who reviewed my medication

The worker who admitted me to the crisis house

and finally, this morning, the member of staff at the crisis house who, when I asked her for my lunchtime meds, disbelieved my concise summary of the situation.

No punchline today. In fact I’m going to go and grovel for one of my Valium and see what difficulties that throws up.